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Your DIY Halloween prop builders paradise awaits! Tricks and tips to scare the wits out of trick-or-treaters. If they survive the trick, they get the treat!

A tree costume to beat all tree costumes at the GA Renaissance Festival. Even a smaller version of this would make a great costume idea for Halloween.

Here is a unique Halloween yard decoration to be sure. Give it a go yourself or just enjoy the fun!

Gathering scary ideas for decorating your home for Halloween has never been easier. Nothing here will cost you an arm and a leg...or anything for that matter...just a little bit of your time.


Here's a Top 10 Halloween costume list as chosen by a typical, adventurous 11 year-old boy. Who better to ask?

Halloween costume ideas abound in this post about Edde's Trick Shop in Marietta, GA with additional ideas from Both have a wide selection and will ship to your door.

Looking for some scary Halloween lawn decorations and ideas for your house? I've compiled some links to some ghoulish ideas and some of the BEST online retailers.

Tree faces are becoming a unique accent in landscaping these days. Adorn your property with a few of them you can create a virtual woods of forest faces.

I accidentally stayed at a haunted Inn a few years back and came away unscathed. I just needed to stay somewhere in the Newark, Ohio area that was a little off the beaten path. I got more than I bargained for at the Buxton Inn. Historic architecture and ghosts abound within this little corner of the world. I'll be back!