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Shipping container homes are popular. But are they really less expensive & easier to build than other houses? Some good & bad things about these tiny homes


Here's how to easily connect your TV to your broadband connection via power-line networking.

Take a virtual tour of the this one-of-a-kind net-zero home that was on display at the International Builders' Show in Orlando.

The Prodigy home automation controller is a great way to set up control of all of the functions of your media room, including the tv, sound system, Blu-Ray player, lights, and more.

SawStop is a table saw can sense skin and stop the blade immediately! If you're into woodworking, you owe it to yourself to check out these SawStop reviews.

FlatWire is just that... flat wire (similar to Ghost Wire). It lets you hang light sconces without seeing the ugly wiring. Is it worth the cost? Find out!

If you have a large space that needs a lot of air flow, look no further. These fans are the world's largest and will get the job done in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Innovative design puts Big Ass Fans in the forefront of moving large amounts of air in an efficient manner for a more comfortable environment in which to work and live.

Thinking about going all out and buying a magnetic induction cooktop. Things you should know before taking the plunge by buying the most innovative cooking appliance on the market (and the most expensive).

Refrigerated wall ovens, by Connect IO, are one of the most intelligent kitchen appliances ever engineered. Operates via standard touchtone phone or internet browser from anywhere on planet Earth. it also has a user-friendly touch screen interface to get the ball rolling.