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Which types of insulation are best for your home? It depends on where you live. Here's how to choose a green insulation material with a high R-value. We'll cover these: cellulose, cotton, mineral wool / rock wool, sheep wool, straw bale, soy foam, and recycled plastic.

Thinking of adding a ceramic coating to your home or using a ceramic house paint? See why this ecofriendly permanent exterior paint might not be the best choice.

I'm a roofer and I can tell you that roof shingle colors do matter! It depends on where you live. See when to choose reflective roof shingles instead of dark asphalt shingles.

Building a new home? Renovating an old one? Green homes matter. Improvements that make a home green + How to determine the environmental impact of your home

Shipping container homes are popular. But are they really less expensive & easier to build than other houses? Some good & bad things about these tiny homes

Is a green home improvement project in your future? Looking for ways to do things that are eco-friendly rather than wasteful and harmful to the environment? Find green products and helpful resources.

Green homes have been around for awhile, and they're getting greener all of the time. GreenPod Intelligent Environments are designed by Ann Raab and can be used a number of different ways.

Radiant barrier roof sheathing has a highly reflective material facing the interior of your attic. It will seriously reduce your home's energy consumption.


By using synthetic slate roof shingles that are made from recycled materials, you can earn LEED credits. EcoStar Majestic Slate roof tiles are one example.