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I’m Fed Up With My Kenmore Elite HE3T Washing Machine Problems!

If you have a Kenmore Elite H3 Washing Machine that sounds like rocks rolling around in the spin cycle, you need to read this. It’s a difficult and expensive repair! Mine also consistently had problems with the door lock. See the repairs for these issues along with a list of common problems with the Kenmore Elite HE3T washing machine.

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How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home or Building

What do you know about getting rid of bats from your home? I do. Here are step by step instructions for bat removal plus tips to keep yourself safe from the bats and getting in trouble for inhumane treatment.if you don’t follow the rules. If you’ve got bats in your home that need to be removed, this is the preferred, humane method for getting it done. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s cheap.

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Your Green Insulation Options: The 7 Most Eco-Friendly Types Of Home Insulation

Green home insulation materials are ones that are manufactured from renewable resources & recycled materials with fewer chemicals. Which type of insulation is best for your home depends on where you live. Here’s how to choose a green insulation material with a high R-value for where you live. We’ll cover these: cellulose insulation, cotton insulation, mineral wool insulation / rock wool insulation, sheep wool insulation, straw bale insulation, soy foam insulation, and recycled plastic insulation.