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The TwoDaLoo Double-Sided Toilet (A Couples Toilet That’s Not For Me… Us)

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By Randy

Is there no limit to the level of stupidity of products that inventors come up with?

Most likely not.

Case in point…the TwoDaLoo Toilet

Break it down by syllable and what you have is a double-sided toilet where you can chat it up with your mate while you both… ‘go’… at the exact same time… side-by-side… and facing one another.

Well-intentioned as it may have been at that “Eureka” moment for the inventor, it’s a bit unseemly for the general public — in my humble opinion.

They say that love is blind. But for you to consider this dual-toilet option, I think love would also have to be deaf and you’d need to have anosmia (“the loss of the sense of smell”).

What’s a little dueling tinkles between lovers? This is a toilet for couples who share everything!

And when you’re through discussing your plans for the evening, you can both flush in unison. What a concept. “Ready?… On three! 1… 2… annnddd 3.”

I was made aware of this insane product (via my mate) from This Old House online. This couples toilet appeared in an article called Wacky Bath Products. The article was loaded with some cool stuff, some weird stuff and something unbelievably dumb. (You guessed it, the TwoDaLoo couples toilet.)

You can both flush simultaneously using a thrifty 2.6 gallons or single flush mode using half the amount of precious H2O. It also comes with a ‘privacy’ wall. I can think of better ways to make up for the water savings before I go this route.

If you’re still interested, the TwoDaLoo also offers a couple of upgrades:

  • iPod docking station
  • 7″ LCD television

Cost: $1400 (without upgrades)

The distributor’s minimum order is 12, so you’ll need to find a contractor willing to take a chance on finding 11 more couples who don’t mind a little tête-à-tête on the loo. Good luck with that.

Here’s what they’re saying on Reddit about the TwoDaLoo couples toilet.

And here’s the Saturday Night Live skit everyone’s talking about that features the TwoDaLoo as “the love toilet:”