Cork Flooring Durability & Eco-Friendliness Are This Interior Designer’s Top Reasons For Choosing Cork Floors

As an interior designer, one of my favorite materials to use inside a home is cork. Cork flooring has many advantages over other popular materials — including hardwood, tile, and concrete. Two of the biggest reasons I encourage clients to choose cork flooring are: its durability and eco-friendliness. Here are some good things to know before installing cork flooring.

Toilet Flush Ratings: Making Sense Of Maximum Performance (MaP) Toilet Ratings

Toilet flush ratings are no laughing matter. They really are important when choosing the best toilet that is energy-efficient and flushes (your business) like nobody’s business! Here’s what to look for in Maximum Performance (MaP) toilet flush ratings. I’ll explain how a MaP rating is verified and how they put toilets to the test.

Smart Home DIY: How To Install A Keyless Door Lock Yourself + 5 Reasons Your Family Is Going To Love Smart Door Locks

I installed a Kevo smart door lock in my home, and I can tell you it’s been a real game changer for my family! Here are some of the features of smart door locks that could be useful for your family, how to install a smart door lock yourself, and the many ways to unlock a smart lock that you and your kids are going to love.

Energy Efficient Washers: How To Choose The Best Washing Machine

These days energy efficient washing machines are very popular. You can save some money and be mindful of the environment as well. Here’s what I’ve found out about my energy efficient washer — some have Energy Star-ratings and others have CEE Tier ratings. I’ve provided full explanations of these rating systems and simplified the info for you.