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Our Samsung Washing Machine Reviews

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By Randy

samsung-washing-machine-reviewsWe recently bought a Samsung top-load washing machine to replace our Kenmore Elite HE3t front-loader.

Here’s a little about our problems and frustrations with the Kenmore Elite HE3T washing machine.

The model we bought was the Samsung WA5451ANW/XAA.

This Samsung washing machine has lots of the latest technology built right in, such as:

  • Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) – it really works!
  • Direct Drive Motor – no belts here
  • Internal Water Heater – for NSF-certified sanitized loads
  • CEE Tier 3 Status – for greater energy efficiency
  • Diamond Drum – for a thorough yet gentle wash (easier on your clothes)
  • PureCycle – a setting that cleans the washer itself

As a bonus, Samsung ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Clothes Washers by J.D. Power and Associates.

We knew absolutely nothing about Samsung washers until we saw them in the stores and read some Samsung washing machine reviews. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even know that Samsung made washers.


Samsung Washing Machine Reviews From Others

All of the online reviews for Samsung washing machines were good at the time that we were in the process of making a buying decision.

This is in stark contrast to the majority of brands and models on the market, regardless of being top-load or front-load. They all seemed to have consistent quirks or problems with them, as described by reviews we found all over the web:

“…twists the clothes into permanent wrinkles…”

“…too much vibration…”

“…didn’t work as promised…”

We also read about a few retailers that were a pain to deal with.

Of course, you have to take these personal online reviews with a grain of salt, because when people are happy with their purchase they are less likely to take time out of their busy schedule to report how happy they are with their new washing machine.

However, more often than not, owners will find the time to vent in a review or on an appliance forum in order to look for solutions or to warn their fellow consumer. I’m speaking mainly about manufacturers, not retailers.

If you see complaints about a particular washing machine that consistently warn of the same issue, that’s when you really have to take notice.

In the reviews I read, manufacturers were also getting hit over the head a little bit by consumers regarding customer service.

For example, Maytag received consistent owner reviews stating that their customer service was a nightmare. I was surprised to read that. In today’s retail climate, you would think that companies would be falling over themselves to take care of their customers if they have any issues with their product. Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool not long ago and many had hoped/are hoping that they would restore Maytag’s reputation of a bored repairman due to well-made products. I think they still have issues to address, based on all of the reviews I read.

Take it from me… it’s worth your time to make a trip to the library to view the ratings in Consumer Reports. They may not have tested the exact model that you are interested in, but some models are very similar. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Repairs graph to see who has the best ratings for fewest repairs (and the most), according to Consumer Reports’ rigorous tests and studies.


Why We Decided NOT To Buy A Maytag Washing Machine

We really had not considered Samsung, because we had basically made our mind up that we were going to buy a Maytag Bravos top-loader.

Our initial decision to buy a Maytag Bravos washing machine was based on:

  • Personal recommendations
  • “Commercial-grade” parts
  • Name recognition
  • Features
  • Price

Our current washer was not working and trips to the laundromat were growing old quick!!! But I know better than to make a major purchase without doing some decent research.

So I thoroughly explored:

  1. What models are available to suit our needs?
  2. Who has the best price in town?
  3. What are the reviews from real people who’ve used this model?
  4. Is it green?


Comparing Prices On Washing Machines

Once we had compiled all of the information in our heads, we went to BrandsmartUSA as well as a couple of other stores and saw their best Labor Day sale price of  $549 on the Samsung WA5451ANW (MSRP $999).

We then walked out of the store to think about it over lunch. We decided to call around to a couple of retailers in our area to see if they carried the same model that we wanted at a lower price.

Lowe’s carried the exact same model but it was sale priced at $799. They have a great policy, as far as the consumer is concerned. Lowe’s will meet or beat a competitors’ price on the same regularly stocked item by 10%. Lowe’s reduced their Labor Day sale price by more than $300 to try and earn my business… and they did!

With that in mind, we decided to run over to Lowe’s and take advantage of their policy and take (free) delivery of the Samsung washer at less than half price ($493). Not only did Lowe’s deliver our washing machine at no charge, they took our old Kenmore away at no charge. That was a deal that I could not refuse.

By the way, if anyone needs spare parts for Kenmore Elite model number 110.45976400 contact me if you’re interested in making a purchase at a fraction of the cost of the new part. All parts are in good working order and fit additional models of this unit.

I removed:

  • The pedestal
  • Mother board (central control unit)
  • Control panel (user interface)
  • Entire wiring harness
  • Soap dispenser in its entirety
  • Motor
  • Spider assembly (wheel bracket that is attached to the drum) and elastic belt
  • Door latch


Our Samsung Washing Machine Review

These are our first impressions of the Samsung WA5451 washing machine:

  • It’s quiet… very quiet!
  • There is very little vibration during the 1,100 rpm spin cycle, or any other cycle for that matter.
  • It’s fun to watch through the glass door (…for a couple of minutes). I’m sure that novelty will wear off soon.
  • It cleans our clothes very well.
  • It keeps the mood cheery. It sings to us at the end of the wash cycle with a little pre-programmed song. As my wife pointed out, it’s much better than an angry buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! COME AND GET THE LAUNDRY…NOW!!!! The Kenmore just used to beep a few times and then remind you every so often that you haven’t emptied it. How boring — not to mention annoying!
  • The Samsung washer tub is huge! The unit itself has a smaller footprint than the Kenmore HE3T that it replaced but it has a 4.7 cu. ft. basket. The average washer has about 3.7 cu. ft.
  • The controls are simple to operate. It’s not complicated, but it has loads of options to customize your wash cycle.
  • My wife says that it’s pretty.
  • It spins at 1,100 rpm’s during the spin cycle — quietly — therefore the clothes are taking less time to dry. I can almost hear the energy savings already!
  • It uses just a little bit of water, but all of the clothes get soaked and cleaned thoroughly.

So those are our first impressions. Write in to let me know your thoughts on this washer and any others you have experience with.

Here’s a video highlighting the features of our Samsung washing machine, and the corresponding Samsung dryer: