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Dumb Homebuilding Ideas

The TwoDaLoo is a dual-sided couples toilet that allows you and a very good friend to "go" at the same time whilst you talk. How dumb of an idea is that?!

A word of advice to all DIY home builders, contractors, and home architects... be sure to make enough room so both of the Jack and Jill bathroom doors can be opened at the same time without banging into one another.

Looking for the ideal floor plan for your home? 5 common mistakes you want to avoid and tips you should consider when planning the layout of your new home.

Keep up with your tree pruning or you may find your home's landscape in dire need of trimming like this one! Here are the 5 tree pruning tools you need.

A wall of windows is not a good idea if neighbors can see into your home OR you don't have a beautiful view from those windows. Consider another floor plan!

Have you ever walked into someone's home that opens to a two-story foyer and admire the height of the room and the amazing amount of light that the windows let in at the top of the foyer? Look closer next time and see if the windows are of the double hung variety. Why is that?

What could have possessed a builder to construct this over-sized garage that is attached to the front facade of such an attractive house? What's your best guess? I have my own ideas.

Here's what I did with this bare concrete retaining wall. It's the "former" eyesore in the neighborhood.There are many cool retaining wall options, and I like this one the best.

You would never expect an old graveyard right in the heart of your subdivision. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens and home sales may suffer because of its' close proximity within the neighborhood.