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Green Home Improvement: Top 5 Businesses That Help You Go Green

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By Regina

green-home-improvementIt seems as if everyone is trying to Go Green these days.

Homeowners are no exception when it comes to looking for ways to do things around the house that are eco-friendly rather than wasteful and harmful to the environment.

This includes exploring green home improvement and remodeling options.

Many are also trying to build homes that use materials and processes that are not harmful to the environment.



Following are 5 ways to find businesses in your local area that focus on green home improvement and remodeling…


Top 5 Green Home Improvement Resources

#1 – LEED Accredited Professional Directory
If you’re looking for a builder who is qualified to build your home in a Green and environmentally safe way, check here first.

#2 – Green Business Alliance
They started with the goal of helping businesses become “Greenified” and demonstrate their commitment to a Green business future to customers and the community through the display of several recognition channels. The also help homeowners “Greenify” their homes as well.

#3 – Eco Home Site
This site allows home improvement and homebuilding businesses that use Green processes to advertise their business. (It costs businesses $30 to be listed.)

#4 – Go Green Web Directory
Use this directory to find businesses that specifically help people and homes to go Green. It’s very user-friendly. The only downside is that it only has listings for the east coast currently.

#5 – National Green Pages
This by far is the best directory available for homeowners who are trying to locate businesses that can help you to go Green at home. It covers the entire United States, and just about every Green business you could possibly want is listed here. They have a form that allows you to put in your state, what category you want, and even a keyword. It’s very very user-friendly and comes up with several search results each time.


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