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by Randy

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Element_Big_Ass_Fans.jpg "Now that’s a Big Ass Fan!" That’s what you’re likely to say when you walk into a room that has one of these fans installed, which is appropriate since the name of the company that makes the world’s largest fans is Big Ass Fans. No joke!

Big Ass Fans (Lexington, KY) makes the world’s largest fans for industrial, commercial and residential use. They take their fans seriously, but not themselves so much. How could you not have a good sense of humor and name your company…well…The Big Ass Fan Company. They started out as the HVLS Fan Company (1999) and many times would hear the same remark from customers…"That is a big ass fan!" So they decided to change the name. The company is led by architectural aerodynamics expert, Dr. Richard Aynsley along with a team of engineers. There are all sorts of technical data on their website that I’m not going to get into here.

There isn’t just the conversational aspect that makes these fans so cool (pun intended). They can earn LEED points for your home or facility to help you gain certification.

How does a 10 year warranty (with factory installation) for the gearbox and motor sound to you? Not good enough? There’s also a lifetime warranty on the hub and blades.  See their website for warranties for each specific model that they make. I’m not being paid to endorse Big Ass Fans but there’s a lot to be said for them. Speaking of a spokesman (contact me, Dr. Aynsley, and I’ll be one…or just send me a Big Ass t-shirt ).

fridge_andFanny.jpgNot only that, I have a personal "tie-in" to the Big Ass Fans spokesman, 1985 Super Bowl sensation William "The Fridge" Perry. The Fridge was a classmate of mine before he was known as The Fridge. That was a nickname he earned later on in high school and it stuck with him. But I digress. 

Installing a Big Ass Fan earns you LEED credits

Here’s how installing a Big Ass Fan can earn you LEED credits:

(It gets a little technical here so the following is taken from their website.)

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Prereq 3 – Zero use of CFC-based refrigerants or if reusing equipment, phase out existing CFC-based equipment.
  • Credit 4 – Do not use refrigerants or select refrigerants that minimize/eliminate the emission of compounds that contribute to ozone depletion and global warming.

How Big Ass Fans Helps
Big Ass Fans provide a cooling effect, via elevated air speed, without using any refrigerants. This may allow the building to earn both EA PR 3 and EA CR 4.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Credit 2 – Increase breathing zone outdoor air ventilation rates to all occupied spaces by at least 30% above the minimum rates required by ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004.

How Big Ass Fans Helps
Big Ass Fans can be used to eliminate stratification, which can help increase the zone air distribution effectiveness in occupied spaces.

  • Credit 7.1 – Design HVAC systems and the building envelope to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 55-2004.

How Big Ass Fans Helps
Big Ass Fans can be used to increase occupant comfort by providing a cooling effect via elevated air speed (high rpm fan operation), destratifying the space (low rpm fan operation), minimizing cold and hot areas, and providing an additional means of occupant control.

Innovation and Design Process

  • Credit 1.1-1.4 – Exceptional performance above the requirements set by the LEED-NC and/or innovative performance in Green Building categories not specifically addressed by the LEED-NC.

How Big Ass Fans Helps
Big Ass Fans can help to significantly exceed the requirements of EA CR 1. Big Ass Fans can also reduce the cost (first cost and/or lifecycle) to significantly exceed the requirements of EA CR 2, EA CR 6, and EQ CR 2.  


See the Element fan in action by watching the video below.

Big Ass Fans and Sustainability

The Big Ass Fan Co. have also recently completed some sustainability initiatives within their facilities:

  • LEED Gold Certified Building (2009)
  • They have a Water Conservation Program that has reduced their annual consumption by 17,000 gallons/year (April 2009).
  • At least 50% Green Energy purchased through the Kentucky Green Energy Leader program.
  • They reuse 15,000 pounds of scrap metal/year in their new Waste Reduction Program (March 2009).

Big Ass Fans were the recipient of a 2009 Green Products Award by Building Products magazine.

To summarize, what’s not to like about this company and their innovative product line? They don’t just talk the talk…they walk the walk.


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