Ultra-High Tech Refrigerated Wall Oven is a Marvel of Engineering

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Imagine a wall oven that refrigerates your prepared entree inside of the oven during the day until you begin the cooking process via your internet browser from anywhere in the world (but just close enough to be home for dinner).

Check out why you need a refrigerated wall oven.

Now that’s cutting edge! It’s not just state-of-the-art stuff…it’s award-winning state-of-the-art stuff…many times over. Imagine having to login to your oven to prepare the evening feast. Then you get…’Did you forget your password?’ ‘Please enter your email address to retrieve your new password.’ I don’t know if that’s how it goes with this new oven but I can see that happening.

Imagine no more. It’s for real. Refrigerated wall ovens are here and I think they’re here to stay in this hectic, convenience-associated society we live in. This certainly won’t replace the $40 crock pot but it gives a whole new meaning to ready to eat.

The Connect IO Intelligent Oven, manufacured by TMIO, is not a gadget or a gimmick. (They’re not playing around here.) The Connect IO has NASA-based engineering involved that has allowed it to rise above its’ competitors.

High Tech = High Price

You’ll pay through the nose for all of that engineering, though. Read more to see how much they cost and capabilities.

The Connect IO refrigerated wall oven is a product of some of America’s finest engineers. It’s engineered and Made In The U.S.A., too! It’s also a superior oven in it’s own right even without the refrigerator function.

Connect IO offers 4 models:

30″ Refrigerated Single Wall Oven – $5,895
30″ Refrigerated Double Wall Oven – $7,495
30″ Non-Refrigerated Single Wall Oven – $4,895
30″ Non-Refrigerated Double Wall Oven – $5,895

High Tech Features ‘Out The Ying-Yang’

You can pick your jaw up off of the floor now and read what they’ve engineered into these appliances to justify the price (info derived from their website):

  • Command and Control from anywhere in the world via internet browser or touchtone telephone
  • Voice and Touchtone Command via telephone
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Microsoft Media Center Home Network ‘Plug & Play’ ready
  • 3300W 10-Pass Broil Element
  • 2000W Concealed Bake Element
  • European Advanced Third Element Convection for even heat distribution
  • Professional Temperature Sensing Meat Probes
  • Energy Efficient Self-Cleaning Green Clean using half the energy in half the time
  • 100% Non-toxic self-cleaning using no harmful formaldehyde like most other ovens
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Fully Counterbalanced Drop-Down SmoothSwing Doors that can be removed for cleaning
  • SpotStar Halogen Professional Lighting
  • Built-In ConnectChef Cooking Guide for temperature definitions, cooking weights, and more
  • Star-K Certified Kosher Sabbath & Holiday Modes

…and this is touching on just the highlights of this amazing piece of engineering. I imagine that the owners manual is a bit intimidating…although the touch screen instructions appear to be self-explanatory. Read more in-depth info on the above features.

Can You Believe It…A ‘Green’ Oven!

You’ll notice that the energy efficient, non-toxic, self-cleaning Green Clean (that’s a mouthful) is one of the proud features mentioned above.  I had to laugh when I read that they were incorporating the ‘green’ features of these ovens into the marketing aspect. I applaud it, I just find it funny that ‘green’ has become such a strong marketing tool.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that as far as ovens go…it’s ‘da bomb’. It’s psick. It’s phat. It’s hot, baby!!!


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