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I installed our new gas range myself. Here's a detailed step-by-step account of how I did it - so you can install a natural gas range & supply line yourself

A list of Universal Design features to consider BEFORE building or remodeling your house. Plus reasons to consider Aging in Place in the home of your dreams

See if your countertops need sealed (or if you can wait awhile), whether to use a topical granite sealer or an impregnator, how to seal granite yourself, and how to remove granite stains.

I've seen firsthand how they turn granite slabs into granite kitchen countertops. Trust me, you'll never look at granite countertops the same way again!

Want an apron front sink for your kitchen? See the pros & cons of farmhouse sinks + 5 important things to think about when choosing a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Replacing your electric stove? Installing a gas range in its place? Before you tackle the gas stove installation yourself, read this to learn from my mistakes!

Ready to DIY? Here's what real ceiling tiles & faux ceiling tiles are like, how much tin ceiling tiles cost, and the steps for installing tin ceiling tiles yourself.

To find cheap building materials for your new home or remodel, use these tips! See how to get a contractor discount when you're not a contractor, and where to look - locally & online.

Before installing a pocket door, read these helpful tips. We are putting pocket doors in our home, but we were unable to use a pocket door in the bathroom like we wanted to.