Envirotiles: Recycled Rubber Tiles And Rubber Pavers For DIY Deck & Patio Projects

Have you heard about using an envirotile as an alternative to traditional pavers? Envirotiles are rubber tiles – or rubber pavers – that look great for a deck or patio! They’re produced from 100% rubber tires diverted from landfills. As a passionate DIYer, I’m giving you the best information including where to buy, the pros of using them, and the downsides to installing rubber pavers.

Eco-Friendly PaperStone Countertops Are Hard To Beat

PaperStone is one of a handful of brands of eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled paper countertops. It’s durable, hard as nails, versatile and much more. Get the scoop to make an better decision on your next home building project in the kitchen or bathroom.