BreezeDry: An Eco-Friendly Indoor Laundry Drying Cabinet

by Randy

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BreezeDry-indoor-laundry-drying-cabinet.jpg A couple of years ago, I attended the Go Green Expo here in Atlanta and came across a tried and true eco-friendly, outdoor rotary clothesline.

It was like a breath of fresh air, for you and your clothes.

Now there is a product on the homebuilding market that puts a technological twist on the simple, yet effective, clothesline.

It’s an indoor laundry drying cabinet made by Grimm Bros. Plastics Corp. called the BreezeDry.

This is a self-contained clothes closet that is eco-friendly, but pricey.


BreezeDry vs A Clothesline

A clothesline would be much cheaper and you would have the added advantage of the sun working hard to dry your clothes. The BreezeDry is made for people that:

  • have a space to install it near the washer
  • care about the environment and want to save energy
  • have lots of delicate items that require being dried on a rack or don’t want them to go through a gentle cycle of their conventional dryer
  • dig that fresh-air smell in their clothes
  • can afford the $4,250 price tag (according to their order form on their website)

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a very cool product with great intentions. I just find it a little hard to justify such a steep price for a seemingly simple device. Maybe someone from BreezeDry will read this and contact me to help me understand that piece of the puzzle a little bit better.


Why I Like The BreezeDry Indoor Drying Cabinet

I really like the fact that the BreezeDry:

  • uses approximately 10% of the energy that a conventional dryer uses
  • is constructed with 35% recycled material
  • is 100% recyclable once its’ life is over
  • is an energy miser

That is about as eco-friendly as you are going to find on the clothes dryer market, with the exception of the super-lean clothesline.

It has some really cool features. You can pull the air from outdoors or from the ambient air within your home…your choice. You can also choose to heat the air, if you like, all with the touch of a button.

Basically, you can either hang your delicates on the hangars within the cabinet or you can place them on a rack that is included with the product.  The advantage to hanging them within the cabinet is that you don’t have to worry about your clothes becoming wrinkled. They are on a hangar ready to go.

The shelves within are adjustable to suit your needs. If your air is very dry, it will adjust the humidity level automatically if you have a conventional furnace. I’m not sure why  it would need to make an adjustment but I suppose there is good reason.

Here’s a great demo video showing how the BreezeDry works: