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Laundry Rooms

I wanted to create a HAPPY laundry room! My new laundry room is 5'x9.5', has a great washer/dryer configuration, lots of storage for cleaning items, a place to hang freshly laundered clothes, a big table to fold clothes, and music! See before & after photos, plus details of how we tackled our DIY laundry room makeover.

Before installing a pocket door, read these helpful tips. We are putting pocket doors in our home, but we were unable to use a pocket door in the bathroom like we wanted to.

Drying all of your delicate laundry has been made simple and economical with a very cool product. It's an indoor laundry drying cabinet that uses outside or inside air to effectively dry your clothes as gentle as possible.

Laundry rooms are essential to good house plan design. Everyone has laundry to do so making everything as convenient as possible to getting it all done in an efficient manner makes life just a little nicer.

Line drying your clothes on a clothesline may seem old fashioned but you must admit that it has lots of benefits that a dryer doesn't offer. Don't know what those benefits are?? Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Line Dry Your Clothes.

Having a laundry chute in your home will save you a lot of steps. Here are photos and things you need to know before installing a laundry chute.

This handy little automatic door light switch works great in a kitchen pantry, powder room, or small closet. It works just like a refrigerator light!