Laundry Rooms Deserve Great Design

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best_laundry_room_cabinets.JPG Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built with convenient cabinets to keep everything out of sight and some with just a wire shelf, or two, to store your laundry essentials. Builders almost treat laundry rooms as afterthoughts, it would seem, in some cases. I just don’t get it (shaking my head to and fro).

Doing laundry is enough of a chore without having sufficient elbow room to fold laundry, hang up delicates and shirts, and all the other tasks that go along with it. I should know. I live in a home where the laundry area is an over-sized closet just off the kitchen. Not exactly ideal but we’ve managed.

We’ve also talked about building a laundry room in the basement but that would require a sump pump and all that mess. An expensive proposition. So for now…we are stuck with the laundry "closet", although, we are considering taking our high efficiency washer/dryer off of their pedestals, building a shelf just above the units and putting in a row of nice cabinets overhead. That would be nice and it’s something that’s definitely on our "To do" list.

What Elements Combine To Create Great Laundry Room Design?

  • A large utility sink.
  • A nice, big counter to fold clothes on.
  • Overhead cabinets and maybe one or two down below to store all of your laundry detergents, starch, etc.. You know that you’ve got to have a drawer for lost socks. Eventually the match will show up.
  • A fold-away ironing board.
  • Room to move and a space plenty deep for your washer and dryer.
  • Plenty of bright light.
  • A vent to keep the temperature in the room warm/cool.
  • A window that can be opened to let some natural light in and to let some fresh air in if it’s a nice day.
  • A clothes rod to hang shirts, etc. as you’re pulling items out of the dryer.
  • A couple of electrical outlets for a sewing machine, an iron, and maybe a TV or music playback device of your choosing.

Laundry Room Pictures

To give you some ideas on how to design your laundry room, I’ve got a few photos of some laundry rooms that I’ve come across over the years. Good luck with designing yours. 

basic_laundry_room.JPG daylight_laundry_room_window.JPG




laundry_room_cabinets_in_Victorian_house.JPG laundry_room_flooring_travertine.JPG


laundry_room_stained_cabinets.JPG laundry_room_with_cabinets.JPG


laundry_room_with_utility_sink.JPG laundry_room_with_wire_shelving.JPG

More Laundry Room Pictures…

built-in_pedestal_in_laundry_room.JPG fold_away_ironing_board.JPG




laundry_area_with_cabinets.JPG laundry_room_cabinets.JPG






laundry_room_with_folding_table.JPG storage_cabinets_with_top_for_laundry_basket.JPG



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