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Thinking of adding wainscoting paneling to your home? Starting with a wainscot kit will make this a doable project for the average homeowner.

How many times have you seen a window seat with a soft cushion and some pillows and thought it would be cool to have one of those in your own house. Now imagine having custom storage and built-in bookshelves surrounding that very same window!

Custom closets are one of the smartest improvements a homeowner can do for themselves and their home. There are many questions that you need to think about before you go through with installing custom closets in your home and I've got some answers for you.

Pierced brick walls are an attractive alternative to traditional screens. Their durability can't be beat and they make a handsome hardscape addition to your landscape.

If you have a mudroom in your house then you know how useful they are. They give you a place to hang your coat and hat and take off your shoes at the end of your day. You'll also know exactly where to look for those same items when you begin your day.

Laundry rooms are essential to good house plan design. Everyone has laundry to do so making everything as convenient as possible to getting it all done in an efficient manner makes life just a little nicer.

Attention Avid Readers! Loads of links and photos and a little DIY content showing various types of hidden bookcase doors for that home library that you've always dreamed about. There are more applications than you might have thought of for these types of doors.

Vern Yip's dining room design includes an intricately designed wall covering consisting of wood veneer paneling with a scroll inlay pattern. From a distance you'd think the wall was covered in silk material. It's creative yet simple.

Having a laundry chute in your home will save you a lot of steps. Here are photos and things you need to know before installing a laundry chute.