Eze-Breeze Vinyl Screened Porch Windows: A Clear Alternative To Glass Porch Windows

When it comes to choosing screened in porch windows for screen porch enclosures, there are many options. My parents proved that Eze Breeze windows are a smart alternative to plastic sheeting for screened porches — theirs even survived a tornado! Here are some reasons to choose vinyl glazing over glass windows — plus photos.

Installing A Gas Range Where An Electric Range Once Stood Can Be Challenging! (Trust Me… I Did It)

Converting a 220V hardwired connection into a 110V standard plug when you install a gas stove is best left to a trained professional, but you can see here how it’s done first. Here’s my gas stove installation story — including 3 setbacks that I encountered while installing a gas range in my kitchen.

DIY Garage Door Repair vs. Professional Garage Door Repair: 6 Reasons Why You Probably Won’t Be Able To DIY It

Have a broken garage door? Should you try DIY garage door repair or call a professional? Here are the 10 most common reasons your garage door isn’t working, which ones you can tackle yourself, and when it’s time to call for professional garage door repair. Find out here if you have the right tools, the time, or the knowledge to take on this repair project yourself.

Cheap Building Materials: How To Get Contractors Discounts On Building Materials For Your New Home Or Remodeling Project

Wondering how to get your hands on cheap building materials for your home remodel or new home? Construction materials are expensive, but I’ve got a few ways for you to save big bucks when remodeling or building a house on a budget. Hint: You don’t have to be a contractor to get the contractor discount!