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How To Find Appliance Rebates & Home Energy Tax Incentives In Your Area

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By Randy

Are you moving into a new home and need new appliances?

Have you already purchased some new appliances recently?

How would you like for the United States government to help you pay for them?

find appliance rebates and home energy tax incentives

Uncle Sam is all about encouraging homeowners to save energy and save resources in general.

One of the easiest ways to do that is for the government to give consumers a little cash incentive to do the right thing. As a result, there are appliance rebates available to those who purchase products with the Energy Star endorsement.

It’s that simple!

Energy Star has made it fairly simple to figure out if an Energy Star rated appliance has a rebate available.

And the market is literally flooded with Energy Star rated appliances.

Yep, a carrot on a stick will lead us down the path of lower energy consumption to keep up with growing demand.


5 Ways To Find Appliances That Rate Well

What exactly is doing the right thing, when it comes to buying the most energy-efficient appliances that will get the job done in your home?

Well, you’ll need to walk a bit of a tightrope to find an appliance that performs as well as one that gets you a nice little rebate.

First, here are a few easy ways to find appliances that perform well, as well as being energy-efficient and/or Energy Star-rated:

  1. appliance energy guide - estimated yearly operating costLook for the Energy Star logo on the product literature or box. It will definitely be obvious on the product box if it is Energy Star rated.
  2. Check the Energy Guide label on the product itself to see how it rates among other comparable models.
  3. Check Consumer Reports magazine or other reputable rating systems for the appliance performance ratings.
  4. Ask for personal recommendations from trusted friends, co-workers, and relatives.
  5. Use Internet search engines to locate valuable information and feedback from appliance-type forums and websites. Take the time to read the personal reviews and look for reliability issues, customer service issues, and anything else that concerns you regarding a particular appliance.

That’s how you find appliances that will last a long time and perform well in your home. Now, here’s how to find rebates for those appliances…


Find Home Energy & Appliance Rebates

Here’s how to recoup some of your cost for a new energy-efficient appliance that you recently bought:

Here are some additional ways to find savings, rebates and tax incentives in your area: 

  1. Check your city, state and/or local government websites for appliance rebate programs that are not listed on the Energy Star rebate list.
  2. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if a separate rebate is available from them directly.
  3. View the latest Federal Income Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency.
  4. Check the official Database of State Incentives For Renewables & Efficiency.