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Energy Efficient

The most energy-efficient, low-maintenance house siding options according to a home siding expert. How to weigh your options before residing a house to improve the look, improve energy savings, and increase resale value.

See if there are appliance rebates on the products you already own or plan to buy. I'll help you find savings, rebates, and tax incentives on home appliances with the Energy Star rating... and more!

I'm a roofer and I can tell you that roof shingle colors do matter! It depends on where you live. See when to choose reflective roof shingles instead of dark asphalt shingles.

I used to think sunrooms were for rich retired people living in Florida - but I was wrong! A sunroom addition may or may not be right for you. Here's how to know for sure...

A preventative maintenance checklist (for inside your home AND outside your home) for the Fall season. Tips for saving money on your home heating bills, too!

Ceiling fans vs whole house fans - Here's everything you need to know about ceiling fans & how to choose the right one for each room in your house.

Building a new home? Renovating an old one? Green homes matter. Improvements that make a home green + How to determine the environmental impact of your home

I asked family & friends for their cost-cutting home remodeling ideas. I combined those with my own tips to create this list of 7 money-saving remodeling tips.

Radiant barrier roof sheathing has a highly reflective material facing the interior of your attic. It will seriously reduce your home's energy consumption.