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Slip Pipe

Need to do some PVC pipe repair? A $2.87 slip pipe fixed my broken PVC water pipe and saved me hundreds of dollars in plumbing repair bills. Here's how...

Thinking of installing an indoor hot tub? You have many challenges ahead of you in order to do it right! Think about mold, weight issues, and costs.

Toilet flush ratings are no laughing matter. You want a toilet with a good MaP rating, is energy-efficient, and flushes (your business) like nobody's business!

Got screeching faucet problems? I did too - til I fixed it myself. Here are 5 causes of screeching pipes + How to DIY kitchen faucet repair. It worked for me!

Want to know how much it costs to drill a water well? You're not alone. I'm sharing all the best tips from a custom homebuilder - to help you dig own well.

Sinkhole Disappaering Lake

Sinkholes can make lakes disappear & turn waterfront homes into a homeowner's worst nightmare! Here's what to watch for, plus info about sinkhole insurance.

Wondering the true cost of adding a water garden in your backyard? Here's how to build a pond, along with how much money & which supplies you'll need.


The EZflow French drain system is an innovative product consisting of 90% recycled content. It counts toward LEED credits, is easy to install, saves time & money.


My old toilet is like new and it's smarter, too. See how I installed a dual flush converter kit, a standard flush valve, and a new fill valve.