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A list of Universal Design features to consider BEFORE building or remodeling your house. Plus reasons to consider Aging in Place in the home of your dreams

When choosing screened in porch windows, there are tons of options! My parents had Eze Breeze windows installed. They highly recommend them. See why.

Live by the coast? In a hurricane area? Impact resistant windows could be a lifesaver! What you need to know before you begin installing hurricane windows.

To find cheap building materials for your new home or remodel, use these tips! See how to get a contractor discount when you're not a contractor, and where to look - locally & online.

Did your DIY paint project leave you wanting to know how to remove paint from glass windows? My best tips to remove paint from windows. (I did 15 windows in 15 minutes!)

Are you living in a noisy environment - like me? I've learned a lot about soundproofing a room + Tips for soundproofing your home. Hope they help you as much as they've helped me.

I used to think sunrooms were for rich retired people living in Florida - but I was wrong! A sunroom addition may or may not be right for you. Here's how to know for sure...

A preventative maintenance checklist (for inside your home AND outside your home) for the Fall season. Tips for saving money on your home heating bills, too!


Want to know how to get the best results when washing windows? I've got a solution that will minimize the time you spend and give you the best results ever!