The Makings Of A Mudroom

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mudroom_bench_with_storage.JPG Just like laundry rooms, mudrooms are often times an afterthought by some builders.

Obviously, there are house plans which do not incorporate mudrooms into the plan.

I applaud the architects that incorporate a mudroom when drawing up the blueprints for a house. It just makes sense.

It’s one of those features that’s really nice to have in a house because it gives the residents somewhere to store their gear and outerwear in an organized fashion upon entering their home, not to mention giving muddy boots a home without tracking mud into the house.

A nice boot scraper just outside of the side door or back door is a useful addition to have around, too.

I’m going to show you a few pictures of mudrooms and you’ll probably notice a formula that most builders tend to follow…bench…storage cabinets…tile or stone floor…hooks, although not many hooks were installed when I took the photos because they were not complete.

You’ve got to have hooks in a mudroom to hang coats, hats, book bags, and anything else you can think of.


A Few Mudroom Pictures To Give You A Some Great Ideas


bench_with_storage_in_mudroom.JPG bead_board_with _bench.JPG


closer_look_at_mudroom_bench_construction.JPG simple_mudroom_bench.JPG


You don’t necessarily have to have a “room” in order to have an area of your home to put your things when you arrive.

If you have an oversized garage you can easily construct a mudroom bench with plenty of storage like the photo below.




The photos below are more examples of builder-constructed mudrooms. I especially like the slate flooring in the first two photos. That particular mudroom is in a multi-million dollar mansion with a multi-million dollar view of north Georgia sitting on the side of Lost Mountain. The stone masonry work is simply incredible.

mudroom_with_bench_and_cabinets.JPG slate_flooring_in_mudroom.JPG


storage_galore_in_this_mudroom.JPG side_door_entry_to_mudroom.JPG


stand-alone_mudroom_unit.JPG custom-made_mudroom_bench.JPG



The next 2 photos show an entry hall from the garage. It doesn’t show the mudroom itself, but it gives an example of the type of flooring that is a great choice upon entering the home from your side door or garage. It happens to be used brick pavers supplied by Simons.

coarse_brick_pavers_in_mudroom.JPG mudroom_brick_pavers.JPG





A Charmingly Simple Mudroom
The last photo I wanted to show is one that my wife found, by chance, in a 1999 Southern Living the other day.

I want to show it because it gives a great example of a mudroom that doesn’t look “manufactured” or sterile. All you need for a great mudroom is a nice bench, a shelf or two, some hooks for hats, bags, etc. and a side table to set your keys and mail down on until you get inside of your house.

The point is to make it your own.


photo credit: Southern Living/Sylvia Martin

Please remember that you should have a little fun in decorating your mudroom to suit your tastes and needs. It should be comfortable and serve a purpose. Good luck with yours!