This Happy Little Dachshund Boot Scraper Makes Me Smile

by Randy

English Cottage Style, Exterior Decorating Ideas

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This happy little dachshund boot scraper will bring a smile to your guests faces as they approach your door every time.

It’s the ideal porch decoration that serves a dual purpose.I’ve seen all sorts of boot scrapers in my time but this little guy takes the cake. Look at how happy he is!

To think that his primary function is to scrape mud off of your boots seems insane. I would switch that up a bit and say that his REAL primary function is to bring a smile to your face. Either one works but getting your guests in a good mood upon their arrival is paramount.

Who wouldn’t want to make good use of this happy wiener dog?

Have you seen any unusual boot scrapers lately? Send me your photos.


Here’s another little fella, contributed by Jeffrey, that has been in his family for quite awhile. Thanks Jeffrey


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