How To Create Window Seat Storage For Comfort and Utility

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy thru these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Well, the economy is currently in a tough spot and the housing market tanked, making this a bad time to move for many people. Or maybe the "less is more" mindset has always been a part of your life and you don’t necessarily want to "move up" to a larger, more expensive home.

But, like many others, you find you need just a bit more space to make your home more inviting and comfortable.

How do you make better use of your current square footage? In my last post, I talked about using the space under stairs to add storage.  Another option to add both storage and seating is to add a window seat and bookshelves. Now that’s the stuff!


Window seats are both attractive and useful additions, providing many benefits. 

They can provide extra seating when you are entertaining, a cozy spot to curl up with a good book (or for a catnap!), or a dry place to listen to the rain.

Access to the under seat storage should be dictated by what you plan to store there. 

Extra blankets and pillows will easily stow in a seat with a flip up top.  Books or toys might be better served with front opening cabinets or sliding doors.

Check out this clever use of the seats for pull out twin beds… instant guestroom!

Lights Are Essential for a Window Seat

By the way, don’t forget about lighting.  Your favorite bookworm might want to curl up with their favorite author after sunset!

Can’t afford custom built-ins? Never fear… just fake it by flanking the window with matching pre-made bookcases and place a bench or stock cabinets under the window. Stay green and use salvaged cabinets if you can. Then design your own trim using stock molding from your favorite home improvement store. Toss a cushion and some pillows on the seat and you are ready to go!

I found a few great photos on-line that I thought would be great to share here. Take a look and come right back for more great window seat storage ideas.

Here are a few how-to DIY sites to get you started on your custom window seat storage project:

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