Great Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

by Randy

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Do you want to increase storage space, reduce clutter and make your home special, functional and unique?

How about converting the dead space under stairs into storage under stairs?


There is so much you can do with that little bit of space — just by using a little bit of imagination and creativity.

Consider installing bookshelves, a closet, drawers, or whatever strikes your fancy. There are lots of fun ways to create a little bit of extra storage under stairs!


Unused Stair Space

If you’re like most homeowners with staircases, the area under the stairs was neglected by the builder.

Now might be the time to undo that oversight by installing a system that takes full advantage of the space available. You’ll not only create a custom storage area, but you’ll add on to your room without adding square footage.

Although bookshelves are a common design element for storage under stairs, you don’t have to be a bookworm to find a use for the dead space under your stairs.


Great Ideas For Storage Under Stairs

Let the location of the stairs help you determine what would fit best.

A few examples:

  • If the stairs are in an entryway, the space could be converted into a mudroom with divided sections for each family member to hang coats, hats, and keys.
  • If the stairs are in the kitchen, the space could potentially be used as a pantry or a recycling center.
  • If the stairs lead to the basement, that could be an ideal place to hide a safe or store Christmas decorations and off-season clothes.

Really…  the only limit is your imagination, fueled by your desire to declutter your home.


To inspire you, check out these unique collections of really cool ideas for storage under stairs:

For guidance on building the storage under the stairs yourself, don’t miss these DIY tips:

If you don’t have the time, money, or the do-it yourself skills to build shelves, you could always consider placing a pre-made bookcase in the space and trimming it out with stock molding. This is a simple, yet satisfying, do-it-yourself project!