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I wanted to create a HAPPY laundry room! My new laundry room is 5'x9.5', has a great washer/dryer configuration, lots of storage for cleaning items, a place to hang freshly laundered clothes, a big table to fold clothes, and music! See before & after photos, plus details of how we tackled our DIY laundry room makeover.

Before installing a pocket door, read these helpful tips. We are putting pocket doors in our home, but we were unable to use a pocket door in the bathroom like we wanted to.

Do this and don't do that! Before you start any home remodeling project, be sure to consider what adds value and what doesn't if you plan to sell your home.

Dreaming of decor like you'd find inside celebrity homes? 5 savvy decorating tips to spruce up your home like a celebrity... minus the expense.

Need a dedicated home office space but don't have the room for it? Here's how to do a closet office conversion and gain a neatly organized space!

Need more storage space in your home? See some interesting ways to take advantage of the unused space under your stairway to create DIY storage under stairs

Custom closets are one of the smartest improvements a homeowner can do for themselves and their home. There are many questions that you need to think about before you go through with installing custom closets in your home and I've got some answers for you.

Closet organizing systems constructed of wood are a positive option to wire shelving. No...I do not like wire shelving. Yes...I'm a fan of closet organizers made of wood. Buy it or build it. Either way I've got it covered.

Having a laundry chute in your home will save you a lot of steps. Here are photos and things you need to know before installing a laundry chute.