5 Secrets For High-Fashion Low-Budget Decorating As Seen Inside Celebrity Homes

by Lynnette

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Are you longing for some design inspiration for your home? Wish you had a flair for decorating like you see inside celebrity homes?

Many celebrities hire interior designers and experts to outfit their mansions to the extreme.

celebrity-inspired homes

But for most of us, hiring a professional interior designer isn’t a part of our redecorating budget.

Still, it’s possible to re-create interior designs like the rich and famous.

Here are 5 secrets for high-fashion, low-budget decorating:


#1 – Personalize your space.

Decorate with items that showcase your unique interests.

Even if you haven’t won multiple Emmys for an award-winning show, you can display your own bowling trophies, professional awards, and other achievements. In fact, trophies can make ideal bookends in a bookcase!

Do what the stars do and play up the things you love doing all throughout your home.


#2 – Decorate with white.

Stage some rooms in your home with a neutral or white palette. Then add in colorful accessories with a chair, throw pillows, or rug in those rooms.

In other rooms, use bold colors on the walls and opt for white accessories. For example, go for white walls and crisp, white sheets in the bedrooms — and white towels in the bathrooms.

In the bedroom, one secret to making your bedding look luscious is to include a second comforter in addition to white sheets. Make the bed look comfy and fluffy by placing another comforter under the sheets.

fluffy king-sized bed

In the bathroom, roll up white, fluffy towels and place them on any surface that needs a little sprucing up. Here are some tips for rolling and displaying bath towels.



#3 – Create a cozy reading nook.

Carve out an area in an unused corner of your home and turn it into an earthy, minimalistic, and cozy reading nook.

Combine a built-in bookshelf, a basic bench, and vintage reading lamp to create the perfect place for your family members to curl up with a good book.

You can also get a comparable look by converting an empty space in the corner of a room or under the stairs into an inviting spot to relax — complete with a small table and a plant or two for ambiance.

reading nook


#4 – Mix it up.

If your personal budget isn’t even close to a red carpet A-list movie star’s, you can still create an elegant touch inside your home.

One way is to mix high-end pieces you love with some wallet-friendly items. For example, have a few high-end pieces in an area where you spend a lot of time surrounded by a few affordable ones. This creates a balance in the room and your budget.

It’s all about the mix. Step out of your comfort zone with patterned curtains and a few pieces of abstract art to create a softness around your linens and furniture.


#5 – Go big in the closet.

You can create a warm and welcoming closet like you’d see inside celebrity homes while still having lots of practical usable space.

For example, a standalone dresser and an oversized ottoman can make your closet inviting and functional. Use it to display shoes, bags, and jewelry — while tucking away accessories, socks, and intimates neatly into the dresser drawers.

celebrity-like decor

You can get the same look as the closets of celebrities by lining one wall with free-standing chests, if you don’t want to install or build closet shelving.

You can even switch it up and place 2 dressers back-to-back in the center of your closet instead of up against the wall. Or put a bench off to the side to create a small dressing area.



Feeling Inspired Yet?

Recreating the look inside celebrity homes is certainly doable. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to duplicate the decorating ideas of celebrities in your own home.

By using the 5 design ideas mentioned above, you’ll get high-dollar celebrity looks without the price tag!


You Don’t Need An Interior Decorator

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