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Cork Flooring Durability & Eco-Friendliness Are This Interior Designer’s Top Reasons For Choosing Cork Floors

As an interior designer, one of my favorite materials to use inside a home is cork. Cork flooring has many advantages over other popular materials -- including hardwood, tile, and concrete. Two of the biggest reasons I encourage clients to choose cork flooring are: its durability and eco-friendliness. Here are some good things to know before installing cork flooring.

House Siding 101: Why I Chose Fiber Cement Siding + Some Things You Probably Don’t Know About Cement Fiber Siding

As a siding contractor, I help homeowners choose the best siding for their homes on a daily basis. But I first became a fan of fiber cement siding as a homeowner myself researching house siding options. Here's a list of the pros & cons of cement fiber siding, and some things you probably didn't know about this type of siding. See why it's so popular.

DIY Garage Door Repair vs. Professional Garage Door Repair: 6 Reasons Why You Probably Won’t Be Able To DIY It

Have a broken garage door? Should you try DIY garage door repair or call a professional? Here are the 10 most common reasons your garage door isn't working, which ones you can tackle yourself, and when it's time to call for professional garage door repair. Find out here if you have the right tools, the time, or the knowledge to take on this repair project yourself.

8 Super Creative DIY Exterior Home Renovation Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Think that exterior home renovations are expensive? They can be -- if you're not careful. But I've got some awesome DIY home exterior design ideas to share with you that WON'T break the bank! Pick a weekend and get busy with these exterior home remodel projects: a mailbox makeover, create a natural pathway, spruce up your front door, and other simple ideas that cost next to nothing.

Using Tin Ceiling Tiles vs. Tin Roofing Inside Your Home: Tips For Installing Tin Ceiling Tiles Yourself + Tin Ceiling Cost Factors

What you put on the ceiling is just as important as what you put on the walls. Used in the right room with the right accents, things like vinyl, aluminum, Styrofoam, and tin ceiling tiles can add a stunning punch that's different from the other rooms in your home! Here's what real ceiling tiles and faux ceiling tiles are like, how much tin ceiling tiles cost, and the steps for installing tin ceiling tiles yourself.