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Installing picture frame moulding or shadow box molding is easier than you think. I did it myself... and you can too! My step-by-step instructions for this simple wainscotting DIY project.

Do you know how to use a sanding sponge? See the reasons & techniques for using a sandpaper sponge on DIY projects around the house - like painting, woodwork, etc.

Don't act impulsively when remodeling! If you start demolishing a load bearing wall, you'll pay dearly to replace it. Here's how to identify load bearing walls

Concrete Cement Differences

Trying to decide between concrete vs cement? They have very specific uses. Cement is rarely used by itself. Concrete is used in most building projects.

Dreaming of decor like you'd find inside celebrity homes? 5 savvy decorating tips to spruce up your home like a celebrity... minus the expense.

8 simple fixes to dramatically enlarge your small bathroom. These small bathroom ideas are definitely budget-friendly... some can be accomplished for free!

Not only can you install FSC-certified bamboo flooring in your home, you can also use bamboo plywood for your walls for a very cool eco-friendly interior!

Thinking of adding wainscoting paneling to your home? Starting with a wainscot kit will make this a doable project for the average homeowner.

Installing beadboard paneling adds a timeless look and feel and it's a project that can be completed in one weekend. I'll show you how installing wainscoting really can be a DIY project.