Top 10 Boys Halloween Costume Picks By An 11 Yr. Old

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Here’s a Top 10 Halloween costume list for boys as chosen by a typical 11 year-old boy.

The expert in question here is Tristan.

He happens to be my son, so I’m dedicating this post to him because he’s a great kid and he has a passion for all things Star Wars/ Lord Of The Rings and Narnia.

He had a field day looking online at all of the costumes trying to decide his top 10 (boys) Halloween costumes. Not surprisingly some of his top choices are characters from all 3 sagas.

He also thoroughly enjoys being scared to death by watching (appropriately-aged) scary movies so some of his other choices are monsters and such. He has outgrown Yu-Gi-Oh and Bionicles and has moved on to entertainment interests of lasting value (thank goodness).

I’m talking about the Star Wars saga, Lord of the Rings and Narnia…something we can all watch together (pre-screened, of course).

A little over a year ago we bought an authentic Luke Skywalker lightsaber for Tristan made by Master Replicas. They stock LOTS of great Star Wars/Sci-Fi prop replicas. There are lots of great gifts for fans on their website.

The lightsaber is a totally cool Star Wars collectible. It is not a toy. It’s a prop replica with light and sound that is impressive and true to its’ Star Wars roots.

We are keeping it safe and out of harms way until Tristan is a little older and is able to display it without worry of damaging the darn thing. We let him have some fun with it on occasion but it goes back in the box (for survival purposes) between sporting events. It’s not delicate and can be used in a lightsaber battle as demonstrated in a video located below the product description on the Master Replicas website.

Without further ado…

Tristan’s Top 10 Boys Halloween Costumes

All of these are officially licensed costumes by their respective studios from which they were produced. That translates into authentic looking, quality Halloween costumes.


#1: Star Wars Stormtrooper


#2: Star Wars Clone Trooper


#3: Darth Vader


#4:Sir Peter from Narnia


#5: Legolas of The Lord Of The Rings


#6: Gimli of The Lord Of The Rings


#7: Aragorn of The Lord Of The Rings


#8: Winged Reaper


#9: Unknown Phantom with glowing red eyes


#10: Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow



Tristan couldn’t quite get his choices down to 10, so I expanded it to a Top 12 Halloween costume list:

Gandalf of The Lord Of The Rings


Anakin Skywalker



It would also be a great idea to have a Halloween Face Makeup Kit on hand to add those final realistic touches!