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One-of-a-Kind Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas

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By Randy

Halloween yard decorations and tree faces would be a ghoulish addition to your Halloween plans this year.

Tombstones, ghosts and grim reapers are the reason for the season and if you are one of those that plots and plans year-round to figure out the best way to scare the wits out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, then this post is for you.

Here are some links to Halloween yard & lawn decorations, tree face ideas, paper mache, vintage decorations, and more…


Outdoor Halloween Decorations

If your neighborhood is anything like ours, then you know that there are always one or two homes that go all out for Halloween.

They have scary sound effects like harrowing screams, creeky doors, chains rattling and werewolves howling.

That sets the stage for what’s to come when you step foot on their property.

Beware! Your kid firmly grabs your hand as you urge them onward. They might seem a bit anxious at the prospect of what tricks they have to go through to get to the front door for the treat. Scares the wits out of ’em sometimes but, as parents, you secretly want to see what’s in store so you drag them up to the door. Shame on you!! (hee hee)


DIY Halloween Props

Don’t be…afraid…to build your own homemade Halloween props.

Store-bought can only take you so far in the creativity department. Visit my post on DIY Halloween prop building for information and links to just about any scary prop that you can think of.

If you want to be ‘the one’ in the neighborhood that goes all out, then you’ll find some helpful links below to make your Halloween decorating less of a chore and more of an event to look forward to.


Halloween Yard Decorations & Tree Faces

  • Shindigz has an unreal selection of great Halloween yard decorating ideas. For instance: skeletons coming to life, spider webs, tombstones, yard signs, fog machines, door decorations, and on and on…
  • Christmas Traditions has vintage Halloween decorations — including pieces made by current artists — using paper mache, paper pulp and natural materials. They also offer Halloween collectible folk art decor; many items that are sure to be a conversation piece. It will leave your partygoers asking “Where did you get that?”

  • Brands On Sale has a lot of fun Halloween tombstones, wind chimes, rock props and more.
  • Halloween Spirit has a good selection of creepy indoor and outdoor Halloween decor.
  • HGTV has some great step-by-step instructions for making a Tree of The Dead centerpiece
  • Costumes.com has hundreds of Halloween yard and home decorating ideas.


Here are some of the best tree faces you’ll ever find!


A Simple But Fun Idea

Try this…

If you have a rocking chair front porch, replace the porch light with a black light. Dress up in a Grim Reaper outfit and have a seat. Be absolutely still while you wait for unsuspecting kids to approach, while they ponder “Is it real or not?” After they’ve decided that it can’t be real, change their minds! Be careful with the little ones, though. You don’t want to be held responsible for traumatizing them for life. It’s especially fun to catch the adults off guard!

TIP: Be careful… scared adults may react quickly to your scary prank!


Another Fun Halloween Yard Prop Idea

kids-grounded-for-Halloween-thumb.JPG  kids_grounded_kicked_one_out.JPG

The photos above were taken in 2004 and 2006 (left to right).

I suspect that I may be seeing that yet another kid has been kicked out by this coming Halloween.

UPDATE: See what happened with the kids for Halloween 2007!