The Lobby of The Willcox Sets The Mood

Curly pine wood paneling, twin fireplaces made of fieldstone, hand-hewn solid oak timber joists. Those are just a few of the extraordinary building materials in use in The Willcox lobby. Old world craftsmanship and attention to detail are two outstanding characteristics of this historic building.

This Stone Sunburst Fireplace “Shines”

The stacked stone sunburst surround design of this fireplace is a marvelous piece of stonework. The keeping room, with it’s cathedral ceiling and open web wooden beam ceiling makes for a wonderful place to gather with friends and family around the fireplace.

Chimney Pots Cap Off Your Home In Grand Style

Looking for a totally unique way to cap off your chimney and add some pizazz to your home’s exterior. Dump those ideas of your of a boring old square clay chimney pot on your chimney and go for the gusto by gathering some great ideas here.

Victorian Style Chimney and Chimney Pots

Photos of Victorian chimneys and chimney pots abound in this post of the home under construction I’ve been visiting and even more pictures from various sources. Lots of great ideas for capping your chimney in style.