Photos Of 6 Custom Fireplace Surrounds And Mantels That Provide A Unique Sense Of Character… In One House!

by Randy

Bricks, Fireplaces, Mantels

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This post will be a little more fun for me because it is about fireplace surrounds.

All of the fireplace surrounds in this post are located inside of one enormous house.


There are a total of 6, count ’em, 6 fireplace surrounds in this one Victorian style house!

Each one is different from the rest and each one was carefully constructed using only the highest quality materials.

The materials with which they were constructed isn’t the only thing that is special about these fireplace surrounds.

The craftsmanship is impeccable. I will get into some of the finer details later on but I wanted to quickly mention that the fireplace surround is constructed of individually set brick slivers. I’ll explain more later.


Master Suite Fireplace Surrounds

There are 2 fireplaces in the master suite of this home.

One of them is in the master bathroom — located directly across from the airjet tub.

The material chosen for this fireplace surround was Turkish travertine.

The pits were filled at the processing plant for a smooth tile.

You might have noticed that there is a television cove built into the wall above the fireplace for convenience and a single focal point. When you see the photos (below) of all of the different fireplaces in this home, you may notice that there is a also TV cove built above each fireplace. (Someone likes to watch television.)

The fireplace surround in the master bedroom is solid limestone. The dimensions were taken and given to a local source. It was then secured in place upon arrival. The limestone looks so pure that it could be mistaken for concrete.

Again, there is a TV cove above the fireplace in the bedroom. The unique feature about the TV shelf in this room is that it was constructed in the angle portion of the trey ceiling for better viewing while lying down.

travertine-fireplace-surrounds.JPG  limestone-fireplace-surround0.JPG  limestone-fireplace-surround1.JPG



The Library Fireplace Surround

The library in this home is something extra special.

There are floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall solid oak bookcases, a bay window for the desk, and a hidden, built-in door that leads to the master suite.

The dark stain definitely makes for a dramatic effect where ambient lighting is easy on the reader’s eyes.

The fireplace surround is a type of granite called Absolute Black. The name describes it perfectly. It’s somewhat rare to find such a deep black without blemishes. It is extraordinary to see. Above the black granite is a solid oak frame with brackets.

absolute-black-granite-fireplace-surrounds.JPG  black-granite-fireplace  black-granite-fireplace-surround1.JPG
42-inch-isokern-fireplace.JPG  fireplace-with-tv-cove.JPG

The Back Porch Fireplace Surround

The back porch surround is solid brick with painted wood trim.

It’s outdoors, but covered.

There is a firewood holder built into the bricks on one side and, yes, you guessed it… a TV cove above the fireplace.

individually-set-brick-slivers.JPG  back-porch-fireplace-surround.JPG  brick-fireplace-surrounds.JPG

The Great Room Fireplace Surround

The great room fireplace is totally awesome! No really.

I was walking through the house one day and noticed these inch-wide slivers of brick all lined up on the floor in another part of the house. I couldn’t figure out what in the world they were going to do with them. I had to wait a couple of weeks to find out. They were destined for the fireplace surround in a sort of inverted box surrounding the fireplace.

brick-slivers.JPG  applying-thinset-to-fireplace.JPG
I talked to Dan, the craftsman that did all of the masonry work inside of the house. He told me that it took several layers of thinset to get to the correct thickness to make it look right. Each brick sliver was set by hand — and there are a few hundred. That’s incredible and tedious craftsmanship right there!

Once the fireplace surround was complete, a custom trim and molding mantle piece was constructed to compliment the surrounding bookshelves and fireplace, including a TV cove. (You knew it was coming.)


The Backyard Fireplace

Last, but not least, the backyard fireplace is nothing to sneeze at. It is the centerpiece of the entire backyard entertainment area. It is flanked by a pierced brick wall that creates a courtyard right off of the back of the house. You can see that the masonry work done here is extensive.


This is the only fireplace on the property that does not have a TV cove above the fireplace. Then again, there is one just a few steps away on the back porch.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of 6 fireplace surrounds in one house!