Chimney Pots Cap Off Your Home In Grand Style

by Randy

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ChimneyPot_Margaret_Freede1.jpgI recently posted an article and photo gallery featuring a newly constructed Victorian home featuring the chimneys and chimney pots.

I promised more chimney pot photos and information so here goes.

I’ve been in contact with Ola over at The Chimney Pot Shoppe and she was kind enough to get permission from all of the homeowners featuring these unusual chimney pots that follow.

You may be surprised to learn how many styles, shapes and sizes that chimney pots come in these days. They are a great way to add character to your home while controlling draft simultaneously.


Photos Of Homes With Chimney Pots

The photo above takes chimney pot style to the extreme with a dragon clinging to the chimney pot itself as if guarding his territory.

You can see the beautiful custom home with the wicked looking dragon chimney pot atop the chimney in this next photo.


I’ll do my best to identify what I see in the photos provided — with permission from ChimneyPot and the owners themselves. Thanks all! If my identification of the style is incorrect please contact me and I’ll make the change.


Many homeowners have really done a nice job of creating a backyard room anchored by an outdoor fireplace — like the 2 shown below.

ChimneyPot_Jordy_Construction_DenverCO.jpg  ChimneyPot_KerryKeenan.jpgWhat better way to top it off than with a very cool or unusual chimney pot?

You can see from the 2 examples above the extra height that a chimney pot provides to pull the smoke away from the immediate area. The courtyard fireplace (left) has a twist pot and the fireplace on the right has 2 pots — an antique Bradford Windguard (not a reproduction) and a buff colored pot.


Below, the Tudor home on the left showcases classic style with these dual chimney pots with one of them incorporating 2 colors of clay to produce a vertical swirl effect. The home on the right shows another popular style with a couple of chimney pots resembling knights from a chess set. Nice!

ChimneyPot_Darrel_Volner.jpg  ChimneyPot_Dutch_Ashton.jpg 

Next, this stone and brick chimney with gorgeous herringbone inlay (below) is topped off with what looks like a couple of classic Surrey Octagon chimney pots. I could be wrong but that’s my best shot. Nice final touch.



Below, I like the unmatched buff chimney pots on the roof of the home shown on the left, but I think I’m liking the multi-colored slate roof even more. Very nice work all around. The home shown on the right has a couple of identical clay chimney pots with pointed rainguards on them. Nice style!

ChimneyPot_PeggyLewis_BrooksideInteriors.jpg ChimneyPot_Telasha_Homes_Colleyville_TX.jpg 

Okay now… the chimney pots below take unique to the extreme! I would love to have seen the style of architecture of the home that these beauties cap off. This unusual combination of antique pots shows diversity, high style, and screams for attention. I’m sure that the homeowners would love to talk about how they came to choose these gorgeous chimney pots to guests in their home. I know I would.



Did you know that chimney pots have been around since the 13th century?

Here’s more about the history of chimney pots, and even more great chimney pot history.


Additional Ideas For Using Chimney Pots


Sources: Cherished Chimneys and The Chimney Pot Shoppe (Thanks again to Ola and all of the homeowners that gave us permission to showcase their chimney pots.)