Victorian Style Chimney and Chimney Pots

by Randy

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grand_room_chimney.JPG If you’re looking for a gallery of images showing a Victorian style chimney and chimney pots, I think this post might fit the bill.

I’ve also included quite a few pictures of chimney pots of various styles that are very interesting.

The chimney and chimney pot photos that you’ll see in the gallery were taken in a couple of separate visits I made recently at the construction site of the immense Victorian home that I am featuring over the next few months.

I was not present for the construction of them (darn it!) but I do have the results to share — and they are quite spectacular!

These chimneys tower over the roof line in impressive fashion and the chimney pots are — of course — terra cotta. Nothing says “Victorian” quite like a clay chimney pot does.

Not only do they carry away the smoke, but they also increase the draft efficiency of the entire fireplace system, thereby improving the quality of indoor air while giving more character to the home exterior.

All of the chimney pots installed at this Victorian home were supplied by Earthcore Industries, Inc., sold under the brand name Isokern. The contractor didn’t just install them straight out of the box. Nope… they had a talented local artisan age them by using a faux antique painting method.


Victorian Style Chimney and Chimney Pots Photo Gallery


home_office_chimney_pot.JPG  home_office_chimney_vertical_angle.JPG

home_office_chimney.JPG  side_view_Victorian_chimney.JPG



grand_room_chimney_in_attic.JPG  two_chimney_pots.JPG

chimney_and_roof_meet.JPG  copper_covered_roof_cricket.JPG

Victorian_style_chimneys_chimney_pots.JPG  Isokern_fireplace_transition_to_chimney.JPG



I also have another post featuring many types of installed chimney pots and more information on them, including links to how to install them, the history of chimney pots and more.


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