Eco Friendly Countertops: Are Paper Countertops A Good Eco-Friendly Choice?

Thinking about picking out a new countertop in the near future? Add paper countertops to your list of types of materials to consider. Paper composite countertops are rock solid and do not harbor bacteria. It’s a serious contender amongst other green materials used and it’s green in many different ways.

How To Paint Countertops That Look Like Granite At A Fraction Of The Cost

I have found the best granite countertop paint. Your friends won’t believe it isn’t actually stone. If you’ve been looking for an awesome kitchen countertop paint to transform your hum-drum counters, you need to follow these tips. Here’s how to paint countertops with a granite paint kit to update old, ugly counters to look like granite. It’s the next best thing to granite but at a mere fraction of the cost of granite countertops.

How To Choose A Steam Shower Generator For Your Home

Installing a steam shower generator is a job for the pros but as a homeowner you need to know some basics about the subject in order to purchase everything required and also to hire the best contractor for the project .