How To Choose A Steam Shower Generator For Your Home

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A steam shower generator plays an integral role in the residential steam shower system and can provide effective holistic therapy for a weary soul.

There are many manufacturers that produce steam shower generators, so you’ve got to do your homework before diving in.


I wrote a few articles awhile back on a Victorian style home that was recently built in Marietta for one of Georgia’s most prominent citizens. The home is absolutely magnificent — inside and out. The homeowners had some very cool custom features added during the construction phase, including a steam shower.

The homeowners had a steam shower generator installed for the master suite bathroom that few homes could match in quality and features. I’ll talk more about the actual steam shower in a future post.


Steam Shower Basics

A steam shower is a small enclosure, much like a regular shower, that has a vapor-tight door with a steam shower generator supplying all of the steam.

Of course, a steam shower room is nothing without a steam shower generator.

The steam shower room can be a modular unit or a custom enclosure constructed with wall-to-wall mortared tile or natural stone.

The tile or stone must be set in a mortar bed and not on a water-resistant drywall material. Steam will not penetrate mortar but will damage water-resistant drywall backer board beyond repair and may even penetrate walls creating even more havoc in your home, including mold and mildew.

How To Choose a Steam Shower Generator


  • First and foremost, make sure that the bathroom will be able to handle the excess moisture created from the steam shower through fans that vent to the outdoors.
  • Be sure to install the steam shower generator within 20 to 25 feet of the steam shower enclosure.
  • Size your generator accordingly for the steam shower room enclosure. Your contractor can assist you with this process. Here is a straightforward steam shower generator sizing guide calculator to assist you.
  • Your steam shower generator should have a 1-3 year warranty.
  • The steam shower generator should be able to quickly boil water to produce an adequate amount of steam within a few minutes.
  • The steam shower generator should run quietly and produce steam evenly on a consistent basis.

This project is not for amateurs.

There are many logistical issues involved with installing a steam shower generator so I suggest that you go with a pro.

Interview several plumbing contractors that have numerous installations under their belt.

mr-steam-shower.JPG steam-shower-generator.JPG
The photos above show the steam generators for the Victorian home‘s master bathroom.

They are tucked away in the basement under the stairwell with an access door.


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