How To Choose A Steam Shower Generator For Your Home

Installing a steam shower generator is a job for the pros but as a homeowner you need to know some basics about the subject in order to purchase everything required and also to hire the best contractor for the project .

Accessible Design Is A Key Factor In The Home Building Industry

Accessible design in the home building industry is here to stay. Easy access, easy use and easy passage are the main focus of homes certified under the EasyLiving Homes voluntary program. They’re not designed just for retirement communities either.

Is Universal Home Design the Wave of the Future? You’d Better Believe It Is!

What are the basic principles behind Universal Home Design? Here are easily explained answers for the 3 trouble spots found within every home: the entrance, the kitchen and the bathroom. If you’re building, remodeling or buying a home, you’ll want to make life more comfortable for yourself or the homeowners. See if your home measures up.

How to Make a Fiberglass Repair on Your Shower or Bathtub

Fiberglass tub repair can be done easily without hiring a professional if you follow these tips. If your bathtub repair includes fixing cracks, you should know that It isn’t necessarily the easiest of DIY home fix-it projects but you could prolong the usefulness of the tub by following these clear and concise instructions to seal the cracks.