Home Garden Tours Are A Great Place To Gather Landscape Ideas

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Sandy_Springs_Society_Garden_Tour_plaque.JPG If you enjoy home garden tours, this is the post for you. We attended the Sandy Springs Society Seventh Annual Garden Tour at the beginning of this month that featured 5 extraordinary private home gardens. All proceeds were to benefit the Sandy Springs Society, a philanthropic organization, so it was a win-win for everyone involved. Homeowners got to show off the results of all of their hard work, patrons were allowed to gawk in amazement while gathering landscaping ideas and local charities benefitted from the event.

This was our first Sandy Springs garden tour and it tops our list as one of the best home garden tours we’ve ever attended. I suppose you’d like to have a viewing. I don’t blame you one bit…I’m with you!

I think you know what to do next…


The cost was a mere $30 for the two of us and we feel it was well worth it, mainly due to one particular fully landscaped, 10 acre property. The other homes were beautifully landscaped, as well, but the property at "Garden Tour stop #1" was simply a knockout…and that, my friends, is the focal point of this post. home_garden_tour_stop_1.JPG




Garden Tour Stop #1: High Points

"Garden Tour stop #1" had a tremendous variety of plants, a multitude of hardscapes, and the scale of it all is extraordinary. This is not a finished garden, like most gardens, but it has taken at least 18 years to get it to this point. We took advantage of a couple of strategically located benches and swings to take it all in.

The Japanese Koi ponds and lake are filled by 3 wells on the property. The lake also provides irrigation to the entire property. There is a barely noticeable, rustic looking pump house that keeps the water flowing. I’ve got a photo of the pumphouse below amongst the large image group.

The photo below was a handout being given to all garden tourists that entered the property. What a great idea to provide a map that shows the path through the property and points out features you wouldn’t want to miss!



Some of the notable landscape features of the estate are:

  • Rustic pavilion garden dubbed the ‘Ruins’
  • Formal oval garden directly behind the home
  • Jefferson Vegetable Garden with apple tree grove and vineyard
  • Rose garden
  • Rock stream and waterfalls that feed several ponds
  • Japanese Koi ponds and lake
  • Home to the world’s largest Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’ – Japanese maple
  • Asian Garden, Moss Garden
  • Azalea garden
  • Alice In Wonderland tunnels
  • Rustic outhouse with tulip poplar bark siding
  • World-class collection of Japanese maple trees (450 and counting) including over 200 species types


Photos of a Magnificent Home Garden

I’d like to share some of my photos that I took along the mile, or so, of pathways that meander through the property. You can find more photos of some of the features noted above by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink after I’ve posted the article on that subject.



apple_trees_and_rose_bushes.JPG beautiful_pond.JPG


beautiful_vantage_point.JPG Carol_Mackie_Daphne_hostas.JPG


estate_owner_John_Williams.JPG gladiolus_with_roses.JPG




Acer_palmatum__Japanese_maple_Shaina.JPG rear_of_Williams_residence.JPG


John_Williams_residence_past_dry_creek.JPG mock_orange_plant.JPG


mondo_grass_field.JPG path_leading_to_vegetable_garden.JPG


pure_serenity_by_the_pond.JPG purple_rhododendron.JPG


rear_of_Williams_residence.JPG spectacular_sightlines.JPG


Sandy_posing_by_climbing_rose_arbor.JPG scenic_bridge_over_pond.JPG




view_from_rear_steps_of_Williams_residence.JPG water_feature_pump_house.JPG





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