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Covering a cinder block wall with surface bonding cement increases its water resistance & durability. The wall will blend in with most architectural styles.

Simple DIY exterior home renovations that won't cost an arm and a leg. 8 home exterior design projects you can start this weekend to spruce up your house, plus exterior home remodel tips, and money-saving ideas to get you started.

Concrete Cement Differences

Trying to decide between concrete vs cement? They have very specific uses. Cement is rarely used by itself. Concrete is used in most building projects.

Wondering the true cost of adding a water garden in your backyard? Here's how to build a pond, along with how much money & which supplies you'll need.

Pierced brick walls are an attractive alternative to traditional screens. Their durability can't be beat and they make a handsome hardscape addition to your landscape.

It's good to have neighbors you can chat it up with but sometimes you need your privacy. If your backyard is in dire need of a privacy screen it's time you made plans to correct that issue and begin enjoying your own little slice of heaven right outside your back door.

Here's what I did with this bare concrete retaining wall. It's the "former" eyesore in the neighborhood.There are many cool retaining wall options, and I like this one the best.

Continuous concrete landscape curbing has been around for decades but it is gaining popularity as a great way to give your yard that professional finishing touch.

The 7th Annual Sandy Springs Society Home Garden Tour showcased 5 spectacular private home gardens and provided a wealth of ideas for anyone attending the event.