Custom RV Garage House Plan

If you’ve got an RV or motorhome these days, you’ve spent a pretty penny on all of the things needed that go along with hitting the road in your RV. Petro is expensive (Update: gas was around $2/gal when I wrote this…now in June ’08 gas is over $4/gal and rising!!!), campsite reservations aren’t cheap, not to mention the time and energy you’ve put into organizing a trip. When you’ve made your way back to your “stick home” you’ll need somewhere to park your motorhome or RV.

Maybe you park your RV in a storage facility due to neighborhood by-laws, city ordinances or space constraints. Maybe you are able to keep your RV on your driveway or property. Consider yourself lucky. Some folks even go so far as to build a house that has a custom built garage for an RV or motorhome of their dreams.

Here’s a great example of a custom built home with an RV garage located near Aiken, South Carolina.


Here are some of my thoughts that came to mind when I saw it:

* What the…!!!

* If you ever wanted to resell the house, it might be a tough sell. What to do?


Q: What would you do if you bought the house and didn’t want the RV garage?

A: Simply remove the garage door and enclose it.

You could make it into:

  • an indoor basketball court
  • mini concert hall
  • hockey rink
  • pre-school / daycare center
  • library (Sandy would love that)
  • private (indoor) resort


OK…this is getting a little ridiculous. It’s ALOT of space!

Practically speaking…you could build a second floor into it and gain valuable square footage to serve whatever purpose your heart and needs require.

Need to finance a remodel on your home to build your very own RV garage? LendingTree Home Equity Loans has some great options that you should consider.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have some fun with the idea people!

Any way you look at it, this house is not be likely to sold until the owners die or they sell the RV. It’s that unusual!

Or is it???




RV / MotorHome Garage Plans

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    There are many more. Look in the yellow pages.


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    • Audrey Lindsay

      We own 1.6 acres in Western NC we also own a 5th wheel. We
      are looking for plans to build a RV Chalet. Any suggestions?
      Thank you, Audrey