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Glad I Had My Camera

Awesome custom RV garage floor plans that are taller & wider. Plus, a list of all RV heights & widths - to determine the RV garage door size you need.

Longaberger Basket Building - The world's largest picnic basket is the actual Longaberger Basket Company home office located in Newark, Ohio. Amazing site!

Do those guys holding real estate directional signs grab your attention enough to make you follow the advice of the sign? Sign twirling is an effective and annoying method at the same time, yet oddly entertaining...until the traffic light changes.

You've got to see this garage that's covered in old license plates from all over the country. It's definitely not something that you see everyday.

Looking for a cool way to take the heat off while you're out on the patio this summer? Maybe a cool misting patio umbrella would do the trick.

Remodeling your bathroom or just considering a new toilet? Have you looked into the elongated toilet seat option available now? When considering toilet seat sizes, here's what you should think about.

Volunteering for Habitat For Humanity is an honorable worthwhile cause that we can all volunteer our time and energy towards. I dare you to leave at the end of the day without feeling great!

If you want a home with spectacular views of Paulding County, GA, you'd better run over to Celestial Ridge subdivision and pick out a site before they are all gone.

If you'd prefer building your own home on a lot with a view and you'd like to build it in Paulding County, Georgia, then you need to check out some of the lots in Celestial Breeze Subdivision. What awaits you are some of the best views in Paulding County...and that's no joke!