Wide Toilet Seats and Other Innovative Toilet Designs

by Randy

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No offense intended…but(t)…put the fork down and read up.

an elongated toilet seat can offer more comfort than some of the standard size toilets

We were browsing in one of the big box home improvement stores recently and noticed that Crane Plumbing has answered nature’s call by designing a “comfort width toilet” for those looking for a wider parking space in their lavatory.
That’s right. Now you can buy your very own high performance, ADA (comfort-height) approved, extra wide seat… toilet!


In fact, the seat is 2 inches wider than a regular commode seat.


A Wider Toilet Seat Is A Better Toilet Seat

Crane Plumbing is inviting its (portly) customers to “Experience the New Size of Comfort.”

an elongated toilet seat usually offers at least 2 more inches in width than the standard toilet

Apparently, Crane is hoping that a butt-load of customers will take the plunge and switch out their old skinny toilet and replace it with its new “wide load” royal throne.

Seriously, a fat toilet should provide a higher level of comfort for those sporting a back-side on the plump end of the scale.

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