How To Build A Pond: DIY Water Garden Supplies & Costs

Not only are garden ponds major attractions in botanical gardens nationwide, but a water garden can also be an incredibly attractive feature for your home’s exterior. Even with limited space, you can design a water garden that brings the beauty of nature to your backyard, while adding a unique dimension to your outdoor living space.  

Remodeling, Maintenance, and Home Decor


Small Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget: See How I Transformed Our Bathroom Under $100

We’ve all watched those home repair and makeover shows on television. HGTV immediately comes to mind. They quickly sink thousands of dollars into remodeling bathrooms, while making it all look effortless.  There’s no denying the fact that they’re great at creating luxurious indoor spas from mundane bathrooms — which is all well and good for those building their […]


How To Repair A Damaged Metalbestos Chimney Yourself

Winter can be hard on all things household, and this past winter was a dickens. Along with record cold, the quantity of snow that fell caused all sorts of headaches for me at the cabin. In years past, when snow built up to a certain level, the first warm day that came along would break the […]

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Homebuilding Basics


Choosing The Best Types Of Insulation For Your Home

Are you trying to decide on the best types of insulation that you might want to add to your house to save energy and money? The market is full of all types from simple to uniquely engineered, and it pays to know the difference between all of them. According to the U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE), most […]

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Green Homebuilding


Green Home Improvement: Top 5 Businesses That Help You Go Green

It seems as if everyone is trying to Go Green these days. Homeowners are no exception when it comes to looking for ways to do things around the house that are eco-friendly rather than wasteful and harmful to the environment. This includes exploring green home improvement and remodeling options. Many are also trying to build […]


Modular Green Homes: GreenPods Designed By Ann Raab

Modular homes have been around for decades. Green homes have been around for awhile, too, and they’re getting greener all of the time. When you combine those two types of homes together you get modular green homes. Enter GreenPod Intelligent Environments.  photo credit Randy BoerstlerWriting a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases […]

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Outdoors / Landscaping


A French Drain System Made Easy With EZflow Pre-Engineered Drainage System

If you’re about to install a French drain system on your property, you might want to consider a product manufactured by NDS called EZflow. It’s also called EZ-Drain. I noticed it during a visit to Home Depot recently and it piqued my interest. A French drain system allows water to flow away from residential foundations, […]

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Home Styles & Trends

Charleston style homes offer the finest in southern living with lots of outdoor living space for warm afternoons.

Charleston Style Homes Exude Southern Luxury

Stalking, specifically house stalking, is an ugly and unseemly term. But, that’s how this blog started back in 2006 and I’d like to get back to what I am passionate about — unashamedly stalking houses. Basically, I enjoy house stalking: New houses that are under construction — from groundbreaking up to completion — in order […]

This is an awesome custom garage inside of a beautiful home in Santa Barbara, CA. photo via

Awesome Custom Garages: 7 One-Of-A-Kind Garages In The U.S.

Having a really cool garage with tons of space for your 2- and 4-wheeled prized possessions is the stuff dreams are made of for many a guy out there… and many of you girls, too. I was surfing around for cool garage ideas and found a great Forbes article about amazing custom garages and knew […]

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