4 Cool Home Products I Found At The Atlanta Home Show

I searched high and low at the 2011 Fall Atlanta Home Show for cool homebuilding products and I found a few that I think you’re going to like. Solar thermal water heaters, attic access insulation covers and tubular sun skylights were among my favorites.

Cellulose vs. Fiberglass Insulation

While fiberglass insulation remains popular, homeowners should consider cellulose insulation for their next home improvement project. Not only is cellulose insulation a sustainable material, but it can save up to one fifth of the energy costs when compared to fiberglass.

How To Insulate Your Electrical Outlets With Foam Gaskets

Where’s that cool draft coming from in your house? Could it be the electrical outlets? Eliminate that possibility by learning how to install inexpensive foam gaskets on all of your home electrical outlets. It’s a quick and easy DIY project.

Advantages of Using Cotton Insulation in Residential Construction

Cotton insulation is an eco-product worth considering in today’s construction market. It’s eco-friendly due to it being a recycled product and it has insulating characteristics that are comparable to fiberglass. Consider incorporating cotton insulation into your home building plans for its’ many advantages.

Insuladd single

Insuladd: An Insulating Paint Additive That You’ve Got To Try

Insuladd is an insulating paint additive product that has been available since 1996 that WILL reduce your heating and cooling bills substantially and only costs 6 cents per square foot. It can be mixed with ordinary house paint or can be used in commercial applications. It was developed by NASA to help insulate buildings in close proximity to launch sites. It is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly so what’s the catch…none that I could find.