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Johns Manville Takes Blown-In House Insulation To A Whole New Level

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By Randy


If you’re like me, you probably think blown-in, or spray-in house insulation is about as exciting as watching paint dry…right?

Watch this short video and it might just change your mind.

Johns Manville has a new fiber glass insulation product on the market called Spider. I happened to see it installed in the basement walls of a new home I visited recently. I was drawn to it because it was obviously spray-in, also known as blown-in and it looked super neat.

Not neat-o. Neat…as in very neat, very clean. And there was no netting to keep it in place. It is very soft to the touch…much like cotton.

I didn’t know what it was until the home’s builder, Russ with Prime Built Communities, spent some time talking to me about it. It begged the question, “How’d they do that?”

Here’s how they do it…but prepare yourself for a very unusual, but brilliant marketing tool for a deserving product.

Watch the Johns Manville Spider Insulation video

Not only has Johns Manville put together a nice little demo video, but Spider formaldehyde-free fiber glass spray-in insulation has some strong selling points. If you take the time to watch the entire video above, you will have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the benefits of Spider custom home insulation such as R-factors, certifications, mold-resistance and more.

Visit the Johns Manville homeowner and DIY home insulation website for more info on the benefits of this their insulation products.

All you ever wanted to know about Spider Custom Insulation.

photo courtesy Johns Manville