Insuladd: An Insulating Paint Additive That You’ve Got To Try

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Insuladd is a paint additive that is guaranteed to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Developed by NASA to protect buildings located in close proximity to launch sites:

Insuladd can be mixed into cement, stucco coating, adobe mix and interior or exterior oil or latex paints. It is inert and non-reactive, so there is no smell or dust when it’s poured for mixing. And, it is made largely from recycled materials. The main component of the insulating additive is fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fired electric generating plants.

It can be used for interior or exterior applications and is considered safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is the only paint insulating additive endorsed by NASA. Actually, a company called Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, a 2003 NASA Technology Spinoff Company, is the original.

Here’s a little background about the product direct from the Hy-Tech and here’s how it originated with NASA.

Thanks for the tip from Amanda!

It’s been featured in Extreme How-To Magazine and on HGTV.

Two coats applied to a wall will increase the R-value by over 50% or applied as a house paint will increase the R-value by 38%.

This will reduce your heating and cooling bill by over 20%.

It will only set you back about 6 cents per square foot. In other words, it should pay for itself in no time flat (a little paint humor).

Things To Know About Insuladd Insulating Paint

All in all, this is a very impressive product that will SAVE YOU MONEY…GUARANTEED!

I know I’ll try it the next time I have an appropriate painting project to tackle.

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