Wildlife Statuary In The Yard

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Interested in wildlife statuary? After looking at some homes in Everleigh Estates nearby, we happened upon an established subdivision complete with lake. We had no idea that it existed even though it was barely 1/4 mile off of the beaten path to/from work. There were some terrific homesites here with a wide variety of architectural styles.

We drove all the way through the subdivision as it wrapped around the lake and came to a cul-de-sac. As we drive closer we notice that there is a bit of wildlife statuary situated throughout the yard of a luxuriously appointed home in front of us. I managed to capture a couple of pictures of them (as they all stood still and posed). This is one of the reasons why we like to drive around and look at homes. You NEVER know what you’ll see! A great reason to always have your camera with you.

Real Life Statuary

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If you’ve been thinking of jazzing up the yard or garden lately with a few permanent friends, then you might want to virtually see what’s out there for consideration. I will be adding to the list of links in the coming weeks as well as adding more photos that we happen to come across. I will be adding images to this post on an ongoing basis so be sure to check back for more fun!

See the links below.

The World Would Be A Happier Place With More Statuary

OK…I must admit. We, too, have a couple of examples of statuary in our yard. One of them is a very special statue that has a story. It is a little girl holding a basket of (your choice of plantings). Her name is Cassandra and she came from Sandy’s grandparents home in Lexington, KY. Yes…she was named for my wife back when she was a little girl and it has been passed down to Sandy in remembrance of her grandparents.

UPDATE 03/23/2006 : More Photos of Wildlife Statuary

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Just a Few Statuary Links


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