Break Away From The Ordinary: Stay At A Bed & Breakfast For A Fun Change!

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Bed and Breakfast Inns (B&B’s) are a great way to leap off of the beaten path of the all-too-easy-to-reserve hotels and resorts while staying at your vacation destination. Not that bed & breakfasts are difficult to locate and reserve but if you’re looking for a fun way to shake things up a bit and have something extra-ordinary for you and your family to talk about after it’s all over with, search out a B&B.


Who knows…it just may be THE talk of your trip! In fact, staying at an historical B&B is the way to go. Staying at a b&b is a centuries old practice and an excellent way of getting into the culture of the surrounding area.

Most B&B’s are part of a network to facilitate reservations, where they are located within a given destination, rates and availability. See my links to them below…

I’ve stayed in a couple of B&B’s and here’s the story behind one of our stays. We made nearby Sixty Polk Street B&B our destination for our wedding anniversary celebration back in 1999. It is an example of Victorian, French Regency architecture. It was close to our home, we drove by it everyday to and from work and had always admired it. Once there, inside we found fine antiques, period pieces and the innkeepers were very gracious. We were not disappointed with our choice with one exception. We had no idea that trains ran all night long on the (very) nearby tracks. If you’re not used to trains rumbling through all night long with whistles blowing, don’t stay here. The next time we make plans to stay in a b&b, I’ll be sure to inquire about trains.



Here are a few more photos I scanned for you to enjoy.






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